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Dardbhari shayari

sad shayari

When you are in love, you expose yourself the possibility of being hurt by someone you truly trust. Many people think Im depressed, but Im really just a realist in a world thats depressing. Every persons heart has pain, but they express that pain in various ways. Some will hide it in their eyes, while others will hide it in their smile. Crying allows your eyes to speak when your mouth can no longer explain how broken your heart is. You made me believe that you loved me, and after that you left me behind like nothing ever mattered between us.

Youre better off being alone than being with somebody who makes you seem like you are alone. Heresthe issue with getting too attached to someone: every time they leave, you feel completely lost. You killed off the last good part of me. Its difficult to forget about somebody who gave you so many things to remember. 10. I love to cry while it is raining because thats the only time no one can hear the pain. 11. If a guy really wants you, theres nothing in the world that may keep him away. Whenever a guy does not want you, theres nothing in the world that may make him stay.

dardbhari shayari

12. The hardest thing in life’s to watch someone you love, love another person. 13. Its really hard to wait around for something which can never happen, and its even harder to stop doing something when its everything you want. 14. How may you feel better when the one individual who can stop you from crying is the same individual who made you cry in the first place? 15. Dont make someone a priority when all you’re is an option to them. 16. I really do not hate you. Its bad to lose someone you love, but its even harder to lose yourself while you are loving them.

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18. The more time you spend dancing with the devil, the more time you spend in hell. 19. Someone might desire you, but that does not mean they truly value you. 20. I do not understand why life keeps attempting to teach me lessons I do not want to learn. 21. Time never really heals the heart. When you hear me say, do not worry, Im good, Im really not. But do not worry, Im good. 23. I cannot explain why Im sad or why the tears are falling because I do not have all of the answers. All I know is that I’ve depression, and depression really does not need a reason.

24. Theres no reason to always pretend to be strong. You do not have to prove to everybody that you are happy and everythings going well all of the time. 25. Whenever you love somebody who does not love you back, its like hugging a cactus, the tighter you hold on to, the more it hurts. 26.

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