Best Life Status, Life Quotes, Short English Tag Lines

Best Life Status, Life Quotes

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#Black: Love the color but why hate the complexion…

Short English Tag Lines

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Dear Life I Love you even when you are angry

Sad Life Quotes In English

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Don’t Do Something Permanently Stupid
Just Because You Are Temporarily Upset.

Life Style Status In English

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Be Careful With Your Words.
Once They Are Said,
They Can Be Only Forgiven, Not Forgotten.

Best Status In English For Iife

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God please remove everybody lying to me,
using me, speaking foul on me behind my back
but pretending to love me on my face..

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I don’t need anger management,
you just need to stop making me angry..

English Quotes On Life

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If you don’t like me,
please don’t pretend that you do. Ever.

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I hate remembering the good times
I spent with people who ended up disappointing me.

Sad Quotes On Life In English

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People think I’m quiet but I’m just observing.

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I never insult people
I only tell them what they are?

English Quotes About Life

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A strong person does not seek revenge.
Theymove on and let karma do the dirty work.

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I work only for Money.
If you want loyalty hire a dog.

Life Quotes English

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The only thing I learned from love
is the power it gives someone to crush you.

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A reasonable man should avoid anger and enmity.

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Someday I will leave And never come back.

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Sometimes I get to the point of
frustration that I just becomes silent

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Stay away from ANGER.
It hurts Only You!

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The best revenge is to show them your life
is getting better after they’re gone.

Short English Tag Lines

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Karma has no menu,
You get served
what you deserve.

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One Line Life Quotes

Your Character defines your way of living 🙂

Being alone is biggest gift you can gift yourself…

simplicity is a best Shine of Gentleman

simplicity is a best fashion

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Don’t trust too much on anyone…
Because everyone Changes when they meet new people….

Move on and never look back..that’s lyf

Trust, Destiny & Luck they are Small words but they can change Everything

Sometimes silence is awesome..!

My 3 Mistakes‍♀️
I trust Easily
I care for Everyone
And I Don’t ☝ Cheat…..

don’t be same as other
be awesome yourself.

Some thing are just to understand, they can’t be explained in words! ❤

Life is not return gift
Enjoy your life

Don’t Act Like SMART..!!
Be SMART..!!✌️

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The Race Never END
Unless I WIN✌️

Understanding the misunderstanding is the best understanding ever.

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Life WhatsApp Status

Beautiful face are everywhere but beautiful minds are hard to find

Educate your mind with positive thoughts.. that’s the key of your success in life

You Don’t ☝
Need to be
Everyone’s Favorite
Just Be
Your own sunshine ☀️

Feelings Change..
Memories Don’t ☝️

Be a light in the Darkness

Silence is the key to unlock every door that really matters

Everything is simple
If you are dedicated 🙂

Ignore the people who doesn’t give importance to you in his life

Do your work like Pleasure, not like Pressure.✌

“Stop searching the world for treasure, the real treasure is in yourself.” ✌

Don’t say it, just prove why you are different.

People will judge you by your actions, not your intentions.

Mistakes are meant for learning , not repeating…✌

LIFE Is Just A GAME⚔ Without Any RULES..!!!

Don’t wait for it just work for it ✌

Be a⚡️flash to someone’s Selfie !!

one mistake Game over

Follow What You Feel
Not What You See

If you can stay positive in negative situation,YOU WIN

Sometimes you need to know your place in someone’s life,because you might get hurt if you expect too much.

I Didn’t #Dream To Became #Rich,
I #Plan To Became #Rich.

Don’t use your words to describe the situation. Use your words to change the situation….

A strong person, strong attitude never comes with a easy past!

Don’t wait for opportunity. Create it.

Best Life Status

If you wake up without goals, go back to sleep.

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